Terms and Conditions

Welcome to, an enhanced web-based platform designed for the growth and improvement of businesses across all categories. This platform facilitates two primary functions: searching for suitable companies and engaging with them. is managed by Biz Com Network ("Company").

Your use of this website, in whole or in part, is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined herein. By accessing and using the services provided on this website, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Please note that only individuals, firms, or entities capable of entering into legally binding contracts under Indian law are eligible to use our services. The Company, Biz Com Network (, reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion before publishing them on the site. Once published, these changes will be considered approved and effective from the date of posting.

Definition Clause

1. User: In the context of this agreement on, a user is an individual or a company that acknowledges the use of the website's services.

2. Unauthorized Member or User: All users must be registered under Nearestme's terms and conditions. Unauthorized individuals or entities seeking to use our services are not permitted.

3. Free Services: Users who wish to list their businesses on the platform without availing additional services from the website are enjoying free services.

4. Paid Services: While most of our services are free, some tasks and services are paid. Users who pay for these services are considered to be using the paid services and must adhere to the website's terms and conditions.

5. By agreeing to use the site and its services, you affirm the following:

     (a) All information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
     (b) You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information.
     (c) You are at least 18 years of age.
     (d) You will not violate any clauses or content mentioned on the site.
     (e) Your profile may be terminated or deleted if it is found to be inappropriate or in breach of the contract terms and conditions.
     (f) You will not hold the site responsible for data loss or any unforeseen events resulting from the use of the site or due to user negligence.

6. Users must use the site in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and must not post offensive or derogatory content.

7. The site does not monitor intellectual property rights. Users who post products with copyright issues may be required to resolve such issues through mutual means. The site does not endorse or advocate products that may be subject to copyright.

8. The site is not responsible for unverified content, including copyright issues, acknowledgments, knowledge, and violations, posted by users.

9. In the event of copyright infringement, the user will be permanently removed from the classified listings under the Information Technology Act 2000, and no further discussion regarding the action will occur.

10. In case of a conflict between the terms of the paid services and the provisions of this agreement, Nearestme reserves the right to take appropriate action. If the issue persists, the terms of the paid services will prevail.

11. Nearestme reserves the right to amend the website's terms and conditions. Any amendments will be posted on the site, and no other method of modification is valid unless in writing.

12. Users seeking membership on the website can apply for it. Once the activation request is submitted, the account will be activated within two business days, depending on the requested activation duration.

13. Users should be aware that the servers are owned by third parties, and the site is not liable for any damage to your property or any hacking incidents. Users are advised to back up their messages offline and secure them independently. Users are responsible for the security and safety of their information, as Nearestme takes no responsibility in this regard.

14. Membership charges are subject to change and are at the discretion of the site owners.

15. Nearestme reserves the right to deactivate and go offline at any time without providing further clarification to users.

16. The mode of communication with users can be specified during membership registration and may include calls, SMS, emails, etc.

Users Generally

1. Users may use the site for personal purposes only. The site's content may not be used for resale or redistribution, nor may it be used for advertising businesses that compete with Nearestme.

2. Not all content displayed on the website is created by Nearestme. Some content is posted by other parties, users, or third parties. Nearestme is not responsible for incorrect or erroneous content displayed on the site.

3. Users may have access to third-party content in the form of hyperlinks to external websites. Before using the content and services of third-party websites, users are encouraged to read and understand the terms and conditions of those websites. Nearestme does not have any control or authority over those sites and is not responsible for any product or service malfunctions on those sites.

4. Users should ensure the integrity of the site while using it and should not engage in any activities that could harm the network or computer systems used by the site.

5. Users are required to carefully read Nearestme's privacy policy and agree to it after understanding the terms and conditions. This privacy policy states that Nearestme has the right to change and modify the privacy policy at any time without prior notice.

6. Users who disregard intellectual property and copyright issues may be terminated without further explanation. Such behavior by users can harm the reputation of Nearestme and its associates and affiliates.

7. Membership charges are subject to revision and are at the discretion of Nearestme.

8. Users should be aware that the web servers are owned by third parties, and access to services is subject to availability. Nearestme is not responsible for costs, damages, or extensions of activation periods resulting from technical problems, hackers, or other issues.

Registered Users

1. Anyone willing to register with Nearestme and provide personal details becomes a registered user. Nearestme will provide each registered user with a unique user ID and password for website access.

2. A web-based email account will be provided to each registered user, and responsibility for email exchanges lies with the user.

3. If a registered user represents a business organization:

     (a) Ensure that the organization is authorized to enter into agreements.
     (b) Provide the correct business address.
     (c) Ensure that all other information provided to Nearestme is accurate and true.

4. A registered user authorizes Nearestme to use their personal data in the database of Nearestme's suppliers, manufacturers, and global buyers. They also authorize the site to share this information with other users.

5. A registered user may be terminated within 24 hours in the following situations:

     (a) Inaccurate information is provided.
     (b) There is a breach of the agreement.
     (c) The user has the potential to cause loss to Nearestme or its affiliates.

6. The email account provided should be used exclusively for business purposes, and spam or offensive email content will not be tolerated.

7. The transfer of a registered user's account is non-transferable unless written consent is attained from Nearestme.

8. Nearestme may, at its discretion, transfer user IDs and passwords to other users for any reason. Once a user becomes a registered user of Nearestme, they authorize the site to use their details across all its marketplaces, including directories, catalogs, listings, and databases.

9. In the case of online promotion by Nearestme, personal details will be published in various forums, and the user will have no objections to it.

10. Nearestme may use the intellectual property of registered users as needed for the requirements or leads posted on the site.

11. URLs provided by Nearestme may be revised, changed, or edited without prior notice, and any direct or indirect damage resulting from these changes will not be the site's responsibility.

Users Who Post Information on Nearestme

1. To post information on the site, a user must be a registered user.

2. Users and Nearestme are not engaged in any business relationship or sales relationship. Nearestme will not be held responsible for any damages caused by content posted on the site.

3. Users wishing to post on the site must ensure the following:

     (a) All information provided is true and accurate.
     (b) Information provided is updated and amended as needed.

4. Users must have all the necessary trademarks, copyrights, and material rights for any materials or posts on the site to avoid future issues.

5. Users are responsible for ensuring that no fraudulent information is provided, and no attempts are made to sell services or items that are not in compliance with the law. Users may not publish posts that discriminate against race, community, culture, or individuality, or solicit business activity that competes with the site.

5. Material on the site found to be in breach of the terms and conditions will be removed by Nearestme, and no discussions regarding such actions will be entertained. The site may also terminate a user's account if they are found to be involved in unlawful activities that could harm the site's operation.

6. Business inquiries through phone calls, SMS, and emails are encouraged by Nearestme, and the site will not be involved in the business communication between the two parties.

7. Nearestme does not control its users in sending business inquiries to registered members and will not scrutinize such inquiries. Nearestme does not represent the seller or buyer in specific transactions and does not charge any commissions for completing transactions.

Transaction Between Buyers and Suppliers

1. Nearestme is a platform for buyers and suppliers of products and services to exchange information. Nearestme does not charge any fees or commissions for this service.

2. The presence of fraudulent users can occur despite the site's strict identification methods. Nearestme advises all users to verify information and exercise common sense to identify fake users or entities.

3. Transactions between users and suppliers are at their discretion, and any damages will be the responsibility of the two parties, not the site. These damages can pertain to manufacturing, offering, displaying, importing, supplying, etc.

4. Users are solely responsible for fulfilling the terms and conditions of the transactions that occur on the site.

5. Nearestme will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activities that may occur under the guise of transactions.

Use or Inability to Use the Site

A user may be unable to use the site due to defects or damage caused by goods or services provided by a user. Unauthorized access to third-party properties may also result in the inability to use the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

1. Logos, registered marks, trademarks, etc., visible on the site are the property of Nearestme, its associates, or affiliates. All rights are vested in the site and its associates and affiliates.

2. The use of these marks and logos by users is strictly prohibited and may result in legal offenses leading to civil and criminal action.

Website Designing Services

Our membership packages include website designing services at no additional charge. Technical errors arising from any reason should not lead to legal problems.

Validity of Website Designing Services

Initially, we will request details for website development via phone and email. In case of non-response, we will send reminder letters. After the second reminder letter, we may terminate website designing services.

Development of Website

We value customer satisfaction and aim to keep you informed throughout the web development process. In case of doubts or queries, we will attempt to contact you and send reminder letters. If we do not receive a response after the second reminder letter, we will proceed with website development based on our standard format.

Hosting of Website

Once the website is deemed ready, we will send a temporary link to clients. We await responses for modification or changes for the next five business days. If no response is received, we consider it approved and proceed accordingly. The specified number of days may change if requested in writing.

Payment and Refund Issue

Orders placed are processed immediately, and changes to the information provided are not grounds for refunds.

Payments for all services should be made to "Biz Com Network" No individual or person is authorized to collect payments in any other form.

Nearestme will not be held responsible for payments made through unauthorized methods or to unauthorized individuals.

Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects

Any disputes arising from the use of Nearestme and its services will be addressed in Indore.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Disagreements and disputes arising from the use of Nearestme will be governed by a mediator appointed solely by Nearestme in Indore.

Refund / Money Back Policy

Once subscribed and paid services are activated on Nearestme, payments made are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Nearestme does not offer guarantees for accuracy, timeliness, or authenticity of content posted by other users.

No refund shall be initiated for activated services.

Nearestme shall not be liable for business deals or return on investment. All services are provided on a best-effort basis.

Please ensure that you read and understand these terms and conditions before using and its services. For any queries, please contact